what our clients say and customer reviews

What Our Clients Say

Read on to hear what our clients say about the services and resources we provide. If you would like to schedule a free and confidential consultation, contact us or read more about the services we offer.

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“I am happy with the help and support I got.”

“Having someone who has been in my situation helped.”

“Gave me more information to give the father about abortion.”

“It was good to talk & have someone to listen about my situation. What I liked most was the amount of kindness shown.”

"I liked how everything was explained and not rushed; positive and caring atmosphere.”

“I liked the kind of love they have for people and the respect, cause they have really nice people who care about you.”

“This gave me very good information. My client advocate was very nice and polite.”

This client saw her baby on ultrasound and said, "It helped me a lot on making my decision. I liked [that there was] no judgment and just a good listening ear."

“The information given was extremely helpful!”

“My time here helped me consider other options.”

“Awesome! They’re very compassionate. Amazing!”

“I needed more knowledge on abortion; they were helpful.”

“I liked and enjoyed everything.  They can help you make the best decision for you.”

“I felt so comfortable and was able to release a few tears to better help me cope with my situation.”

“I really love how the staff makes me feel comfortable and not scared. It helps to know that you can talk to somebody.”