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For Men

Resources for Men


What about me? An unplanned pregnancy may seem like a woman’s choice, but it is more than that. Your life will be changed as well. Men are affected by abortion decisions, as well as parenting and adoption choices. Resources for men are available. If you need to talk to our men’s mentor alone, you can contact us for a no-cost, confidential appointment. The Director of Men’s Mentoring at Birth Choice is T.C. Talley.

Parenting is challenging but infinitely rewarding. You and your partner may have different feelings about the solution. While your partner holds the final decision-making power to terminate, you do have legal rights and the potential to influence this decision. This is a critical moment for you. We will help you understand your options. We will help you use available resources for men.

Your role encouraging your partner

You have an opportunity to come alongside your partner, listen to her, and be in this pregnancy together. Encourage your partner to request an appointment with Birth Choice for a free pregnancy test and ultrasound. You can help your partner to make the healthiest decision for everyone who will be affected by it. Further, you need support. Birth Choice for Men will support you, connect you, and advocate for you.