Abortion Pill Reversal

Abortion Pill Reversal: What You Need to Know

If you regret beginning a medicated abortion, there is an option available known as abortion pill reversal (APR). APR needs to be taken as soon as possible after taking the first pill (mifepristone), and definitely within the first 72 hours. You can reach out for help and guidance by calling this number: 1-877-558-0333. It is critical to call within 24 hours of taking your first abortion pill. Read more about abortion pill reversal to understand what needs to be done.

Understanding the Abortion Pill Reversal Process

Abortion pill reversal is time-sensitive, with the most effective results observed when the process is initiated within 24 hours of taking the initial medication. This procedure primarily focuses on boosting the body’s natural hormone, progesterone, which is crucial for sustaining a pregnancy. By reinstating progesterone production in the womb, the effects of the initial abortion pill, mifepristone, can be counteracted.

Studies indicate that 64-68% of APR patients were successful in resuming their pregnancies when medical care was initiated within 24 hours of taking the abortion pill. Nonetheless, there have been numerous instances of successful reversals even when treatment commenced within 72 hours of the initial abortion pill intake. If you call the hotline, they will help connect you to a medical professional in your area who will prescribe a treatment.


Navigating the Abortion Pill Reversal Process

Once the decision to pursue abortion pill reversal is made, a medical professional will advise you to schedule an ultrasound at your earliest convenience. The ultrasound is essential to confirm vital information such as the heart rate, location, and gestational age of the pregnancy. Based on the results, the medical provider will prescribe progesterone in either pill form or as an intramuscular injection. This treatment typically continues throughout the first trimester of pregnancy.


Addressing Possible Concerns and Side Effects

During the abortion pill reversal process, experiencing cramping and spotting is common. It’s crucial to continue the progesterone treatment even if there is bleeding. However, if you encounter heavy bleeding, severe abdominal pain, or flu-like symptoms, seek emergency medical attention immediately. It’s important to note that there is no known connection between the initial abortion pill or progesterone and birth defects. Some women may experience temporary fatigue, headaches, or dizziness during progesterone treatment, which can often be alleviated by increasing fluid intake.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are considering abortion pill reversal, it’s essential to reach out to a trusted healthcare provider or pregnancy center for guidance and support tailored to your specific needs.


For More Information

At Birth Choice, we are committed to providing care for your health during your pregnancy journey. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring a confidential and helpful environment to discuss any abortion-related questions or concerns. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized assistance and support as you navigate through this process. However, for immediate help with reversing the effects of the abortion pill, call 1-877-558-0333 or visit abortionpillreversal.com for immediate assistance.