Carrying to Term? Five reasons to make an appointment at Birth Choice

Are You Considering Carrying Your Baby to Term?

Are you considering carrying your baby to term? Are you considering parenting your baby or choosing adoption? No matter what you decide, we would love to assist you in your decision-making process and come alongside you throughout your pregnancy. 

Are you considering carrying your baby to term?

Five Reasons to Make an Appointment

Reason #1

The first reason to make an appointment at Birth Choice is for our free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and medical and pregnancy consultations. You will need an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and viability, especially if you need a pregnancy confirmation to apply for TennCare or other insurance for your prenatal care needs. 

Of course, you will also want an ultrasound to know how far along you are and make sure the baby’s heartbeat is healthy so you can plan accordingly. Our trained medical personnel will discuss your pregnancy results and can answer any questions you have about pregnancy and symptoms, your sexual history, and STIs.  

Reason #2

The second reason to make an appointment is to learn more about our free parenting classes called the ESTHER Program. Sometimes raising a child can seem overwhelming whether it is your first time or if you already have several kids.

Our classes include practical sections on prenatal and parenting information; sexual health, wellness, and relationships; and child birthing. It is a 17-18 week program where you can learn alongside other expectant mothers. 

One of the best aspects of the program is the earn-while-you-learn component. When you show up to class and participate, you earn “mommy money”. You can spend this “mommy money” in our boutique on baby beds, maternity and baby clothes, diapers, formula, toys, and much more. This can make it much easier financially to provide for a baby. 

Reason #3

Third, sometimes the father of the baby isn’t sure what to do, what his role is, or how to support you or the baby. That is why we offer the fatherhood and men’s mentoring program. It can be one-on-one or in a classroom setting, and fathers have the opportunity to earn “daddy dollars” as well. 

Reason #4

You will also want to make an appointment if you are considering adoption. Sometimes it is impossible to imagine how to move forward with your pregnancy, but you can’t imagine giving up your baby. Adoption is one of the hardest and most beautiful decisions that you can make. 

Making an adoption plan allows you to choose life for your baby and to move forward with your own life. We have some women on our team who have adoptions or made adoption plans with their children. And others who have participated in adoption processes.  These women would love to guide you through this process. We refer only to reputable adoption agencies, so you can be sure your baby will be placed in good hands. 

Reason #5

Finally, you should consider making an appointment at Birth Choice because we would love to be part of your support system. Are you considering carrying your baby to term? Our loving staff is here to assist you in making pregnancy decisions and identifying your next steps. After you have a plan, we will follow up with you throughout the course of your pregnancy and will contact you as much as you would like.

Click here to make an appointment or call 731-664-8443 (Jackson) or 731-855-2900 (Trenton). 


Kaitlyn Pindak is the Lead Receptionist at Birth Choice. She loves to greet people with a smile and a warm voice.