Considering Abortion? Five Reasons to Make an Appointment at Birth Choice

Considering Abortion? Five Reasons to Make an Appointment

Are you considering abortion? We are here to empower you to make an informed decision about your pregnancy through our free, confidential resources. Even though we don’t provide or refer for abortions, there are several reasons you should consider making an appointment at Birth Choice. 

Reason #1

First of all, we give free pregnancy tests. You can buy a pregnancy test from any store, but our pregnancy tests are lab quality and we can give you a result within one hour of your coming. However, a positive pregnancy test does not confirm pregnancy, which brings us to the second reason to come in.

Reason #2

Reason number two: free ultrasounds. There are several reasons that you could have a positive pregnancy test, but only an ultrasound will confirm pregnancy. The ultrasound also confirms if the fetus is in your uterus. If the fetus is not, you could have a tubal, or ectopic, pregnancy and an abortion would not help. 

You will need ultrasound confirmation to know if there is a heartbeat as well (pregnancy viability). If there is not, you may have a miscarriage and will not need an abortion. In fact, one out of four pregnancies end in miscarriage, so this is important to know in advance. And with an ultrasound, you can see how far along you are (when you conceived and how much growth has happened).  

Reason #3

Another reason to come to us if you are considering abortion: we offer thorough medical and pregnancy consultations. We have trained medical personnel who will discuss your pregnancy results, free of charge. If you have questions concerning your pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms, or sexual history and risk of STIs, this would be a good time to ask our medical team. 

Reason #4

Fourth, abortion is a medical or surgical procedure. If you are considering abortion, you need to know what will happen during the procedure, the side effects, and potential risks just like you would any other procedure. That is why we provide accurate, up to date facts and information on abortion to empower you to make an informed decision. This information includes procedure types (medical vs. surgical abortion), cost (varies according to procedure type), pain and side effects (during and after procedure), and risks (physical, emotional and relational).  

Reason #5

Finally, you should consider making an appointment at Birth Choice because we would love to be part of your support system. This decision can feel very lonely, especially if you may not have anyone alongside you to talk about your situation. That is why we are here. For you. We have a loving staff that is here to assist you in this decision making process that you are facing. And all of our services are free and confidential, so we do not profit from your decision. 


Click here to make an appointment or call 731-664-8443 (Jackson and Mobile Clinic) or 731-855-2900 (Trenton). 

Kaitlyn Pindak is the Lead Receptionist at Birth Choice. She loves to greet people with a smile and a warm voice.